Trendy PP Webcam Cover Singapore

What is a webcam cover?

A Webcam Cover is a privacy product that can be placed directly over the camera on your devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The purpose of a webcam cover is to prevent webcam espionage.

What is webcam espionage?

Webcam espionage occurs when a cybercriminal is able to gain control of your webcam so that they can spy on you through it. Essentially these criminals are online Peeping Toms. Using a webcam cover protects against these webcam hacks because the lens is covered, effectively blocking the view of a wannabe hacker.

Trendy PP Webcam Cover

Material                        :   ABS

 :   PP Poly Bag

 :   Black, White

 :   W 3.3cm X H 1.5cm




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