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Here at Trend Gifting, we are committed to provide you a one stop solution for your corporate gifting needs.  We aim to be a hybrid of safe, user-friendly and genuine platform by constantly keeping ourselves up to date on the ever-changing market. This gives us the drive to offer you the trendiest products available that we are sure to impress your clients. Along with our additional in-house Design and Printing services, we are also committed to provide you the most “hassle-free” service to lighten your burdens.


Wholesale Corporate Gifts Suppliers in Singapore

In most corporate cultures, the tradition of giving premium corporate gifts in Singapore is vital. Whether you’re trying to thank your long-standing customers, reminding leads of your existence, or recognizing hard-working employees, the basics behind a premium corporate gift in Singapore are the same. They are meant to affirm corporate relationships and enhance personal connections with clients, customers, and employees. As per the Promotional Products Association International, sending personalized gifts in Singapore elevates business activity and is known to have a positive return on investment. So, let’s understand what corporate gifting is and why it makes sense.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Wholesale Corporate gifts in Singapore allow brands to create a touchpoint with clients, employees, and prospects. With corporate gifts, you personalize your relationship with your contacts and employees to make them feel remembered and prized. By sending the best premium gifts in Singapore, you not only deliver an extravagant experience but embark upon a fruitful and efficient connection with your customers, leads, and employees.

Why is Corporate Gifting meaningful?

Receiving an unexpected gift is a powerful experience. It creates a lasting sense of connection between the sender and the receiver. It assists you to make positive associations with an individual or a brand, allowing companies to set the building blocks of a long-lasting and successful business relationship.

Companies and marketers have long relied on the power of a Wholesale corporate gifts company in Singapore to secure better relationships with potential and existing clients and show appreciation towards their dedicated employees. When used along with other marketing strategies or employee retention efforts, corporate gifts can be highly effective in boosting ROIs and client satisfaction.

The psychology of sending Corporate Gifts to your employees

The effectiveness of a corporate gift has a strong correlation to the psychological impact on its recipient. If ever you’ve received a surprise gift, you’ve personally experienced the phenomenon in action. It is partly because the physical contact with a gift results in ownership over an item, translating into an individual value.

While perks like competitive salaries and flexible working hours might entice employees to come aboard and stay for a long ride, its unexpected gestures that resonate with them. The perfect gift is always well-received and not just at holidays. Celebrating milestones like new hires, work anniversaries, promotions, or  job done well makes employees feel engaged and valued, especially when they are well-personalized from a Wholesale corporate gift supplier in Singapore. Such immersive feelings translates into the way employees perform their roles and quality of services they render to customers, prospects and external stakeholders.

At Trend Gifting, we have infinite ideas for your unique corporate gifts. Fully embrace the power of corporate gifting with us. Contact us now.

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