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Best Cooler Bags for Frozen Goods

Maximizing the experience of your customers means having the right gear, especially when transporting frozen goods. If you’re in the food business, one of the crucial factors to consider is how to deliver your goods without them getting spoiled on the way. You obviously don’t want negative reviews from your dissatisfied customers. Therefore, an excellent solution is to invest in sturdy Cooler bags in Singapore.

There are several options for coolers bags in the market. In fact, you can even buy customized cooler bags for your restaurants- those that display your logo and company name prominently. Such personalized cooler bags are a good brand promotion tactic as well, apart from ensuring food safety. That said, these tips will help you find the best Cooler bag supplier in Singapore for your frozen goods.

Figure out the size of the bag you need:

Cooler bags come in various sizes, the smaller ones being ideal for family trips and picnics and the larger ones for food delivery. However, you need to consider the size of your food items before confirming the size of a cooler bag in Singapore. If you’re selling hot foods like pizza, you’ll need a thermal bag that easily occupies several pizza boxes without crumpling its sides. In the case of pe-packed meals, figure out the right size for your merchandise to better predict the size of the cooler bag you’ll need.

Understand the different cooler bag materials:

Other than size, you can also find cooler bags made of different materials. Usually, the inner walls of the cooler bag are linked with a thin layer of flexible foam insulated with heavy-duty foil. However, its exterior can be anything from canvas, neoprene, cotton, nylon, or vinyl, each possessing its distinctive attributes. So, choose a bag material that suffices your restaurant needs.

Find cooler bags with sections and dividers:

It is usual for restaurant owners to send a significant chunk of their products at once and save refueling costs. Cooler bags with multiple sections or dividers allow owners to carry several deliveries at once. Plus, they minimize food spillage issues, which might lead to food contamination.

Is the bag’s exterior impermeable:

A cooler bag’s exterior must be waterproof and resistant to external elements like wind or dust. When carrying cold items, the condensation from the frozen goods might leak to the exterior. So, check whether the zipper seals the bag properly to prevent any cold air from seeping through.

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