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Microfiber Bath and Gym Towel in Singapore

The top ways to tell if your microfiber towel is of high quality

Are all microfiber bath towels the same?

No, there is a difference between a quality¬†microfiber bath towel in Singapore¬†and not-so-good quality ones. Such assertions are based on various factors like the microfiber type, the microfiber quality, GSM, and more. So, when you’re purchasing a microfiber towel, all you need to do is consider the following three aspects:

  • How well does the towel dry?
  • How well can it pick up dust and dirt?
  • How long can it last?

But how can you tell if a towel possesses all the three characteristics mentioned above? 

The following are four simple tests that’ll help you determine if your towel meets the set quality standards. 

What are microfiber towels manufactured of?

Microfiber towels are made of polyester and polyamide blends. When looking for a microfiber towel, always buy one with an 80/20 or a 70/30 polyester to polyamide ratio. These numbers reflect a high-quality grade. 

The water test: Evaluate your towel’s absorbent power 

A microfiber towel can dry and clean up spills better and faster than a cotton towel owing to its high absorbent quality. To test your microfiber towel for its porous quality, follow the below steps:

  • Pour water on a smooth flat surface.
  • Place your microfiber towel on the surface and slowly slid it towards the water puddle.
  • Observe how the towel interacts with water. Does it push water away, suck it up like a vacuum, or lies somewhere in between? 

If the towel pushes away water, it is not made from high-quality microfiber. On the contrary, if it sucks up water like a vacuum, it has excellent absorbent power. 

The thickness of your towel: Is it durable?

When you invest in a quality microfiber towel, it should last over 100s of washings. There are two ways to test for its thickness:

  • Weight the towel
  • Is its weight a 250 GM?

The more a towel weighs, the more microfiber it has. 

The touch test: how does your towel feel?

You want to make sure that your microfiber gym towel in Singapore has a more grippy feel. The better the towel’s grip, the more quickly it will pick up dirt, dust, and water. To perform the touch test, follow these steps:

  • Does the cloth feel soft on the touch?
  • Would you use it to wipe off the water?
  • Does the material stick or feather against your skin?

Check for the fiber quality of your towel. The smaller the fiber, the more easily it can pick up dirt and dust.

High-quality cloths go through a splitting process, which gives your fabric the ability to pick up dirt and absorb liquid.

By definition, good-quality microfiber towels must be lower than one denier, equal to 10 micrometers. 

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