personalized corporate gifts in Singapore

Customized Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Say No to Boring Gifts: A Recipient’s Take On Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a significant business investment. From creating awareness about your brand to forging meaningful connections with your clients, corporate gifting is an essential component of your marketing strategy. While there is an overwhelming amount of information available on what companies can give as unique corporate gifts in Singapore, no one is looking at this $125 billion market through the eyes of its recipients. Unless you understand your recipients’ attitudes, expectations, and experiences, it won’t be possible to maximize their experience or make profits of your premium corporate gifts in Singapore.

There is a massive gap between the corporate gifts sent out by a company and what its recipients expect. Since corporate gifts hold power to positively or negatively impact on the opinion of the recipient about a business partner, it is imperative to know what customized corporate gifts to give and how much to spend to assure business growth.

The following are some key considerations when sending out luxury corporate gifts in Singapore.

How much is enough?

When it comes to setting a budget for corporate gifts in Singapore, as per surveys, the right amount to spend per gift is from $50-$150, with C-Suites and VPs leaning on the higher end of the spectrum and other clients trending towards the lower end. However, the suitable price range for a gift depends on an organization’s prominence in the market and their relationship with the recipient. That is why it is essential to consider the quality of your gifts than its quantity.  

The way a gift is presented matters:

Have you ever been to a luxury restaurant? The chefs there know that their incoming crowd tastes food first with their eyes, which is why they artistically present their preparations on the plate. The same holds for business gifts. Beautifully wrapped and packaged gifts get the recipient’s juices flowing. The actual experience lies in the unboxing a gift, which is directly associated with the items’ value. That is why you mustn’t skimp on an essential part of the gifting process and pack your items only in the best corporate gift box in Singapore.

Customize the gift for the recipient, not for your business:

To be honest, business gifts with company logos are the least desired forms of gifts. It makes the recipient feel less than appreciated and lowers satisfaction levels, eventually degrading the experience or impression you wanted to create on them. You can always send out personalized corporate gifts in Singapore but do so for the recipient, not for your business. Instead of adding your company logo to the gift, you can add the recipient’s name there, and they’ll welcome the gift and the following business relationship with open arms.

Create lasting business relationships with the right corporate gifts from Trend Gifting.

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